sports stadiums as a social environment

Stadiums, as "giant theatres", were being regarded as urban public spaces from the ancient Greek to today, provide unique spaces not only for sports activities but also for other various social events. The author, emphasises that the novelties and conceptual advances the stadiums may charge in future should be supported by social tendencies, technological advances and environmental approaches.
Aksu A.,
   "Sports Stadiums As a Social Environment" 
   “Spor Sosyal Ortamı" Olarak Stadyumlar"
   Mimarlık-TMMOB Chamber of Architects, Issue 360, Page 44-49, July-August 2011
Mimarlık-TMMOB Mimarlar Odası, Sayı 360, Sayfa 44-49, Temmuz-Ağustos 2011


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