waterfront urban design - the zipper

The workshop has much to thank. At the time of publishing the results of EWWUD I should start by saying that this book is only possible because of the enthusiasm of all who have supported the event in so many different ways. It all begun with the grant from the ERASMUS program that covered most of the expenses, secondly the availability of the extraordinary team of international professors coming to Lisbon and Portuguese teachers that succeed to leave their busy professional lives and work passionately with each group. And at last, or first of all, the Universidade Lusöfona that turned this project real.
The workshop requires the energy of a crowd. It is an extraordinary group of people, nearly one hundred that work hard. They travel miles to be in Lisbon, have litle sleep and produce extraordinary material that we publish in this book.

Aksu A., Çağlar N.
      “The Zipper
     Waterfront Sines, Pages 125-134 , 2013
     Waterfront Sines, Sayfa 125-134, 2013
     EWWUD (European Workshop Waterfront Urban Design) 2012
     EWWUD (European Workshop Waterfront Urban Design) 2012
     Lisbon, Portugal, 13-18 March 2012
     Lisbon, Portekiz, 13-18 Mart 2012


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