gazi graduates in national architectural competitions / adnan aksu

“It should be improving, developing and indispensable for the creative process to receive a professional evaluation of personal opinions apart from what has been built for those who have placed design in the centre of their lives.’’   a.aksu
I believe that competitions, in terms of their process and result, -should-both support the professional development of the architect and play a significant and indispensable role among activities to enhance prevalence of this profession. Competitions contribute to the reinforcement of his qualities to develop creativity, skills and knowledge, which the architect acquires with architecture education programmes. It offers encouraging opportunities for initiative and creative activities the architect acquires with his professional education. It provides the communication background to ensure the exchange of satisfies his own design approaches instead of the expectations of the employer….

     “Gazi Graduates in National Architectural Competitions / Adnan Aksu”
     “Ulusal Mimarlık Yarışmalarında Gazili Mimarlar / Adnan Aksu”
     Competitors In Architecture, Book, Paces 305-312   August 2009
     Mimarlığa Yarışanlar, Kitap, Sayfa 305-312, Ağustos 2009


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