agenda: housing / akbaş house

Prevocation, rather than comprimising with the prevailing, was the princi­ple. A unique and emancipated design process was aimed. Contemporary paradigms of the era were considered. The restrictions imposed by the struc­ture, materials, built environmentment and regulations were criticized. Despite the temptations of the form, program, space and structural balance were utmost design concerns. A unity/harmony between the ma­terials and the structural system by means of a common language/dis­course was achieved...

A. Aksu,
     “Agenda Housing – Akbaş House”
     "Konu Konut – Akbaş Evi"
     Agenda: Housing, TSMD Publication, Page 74-77,  Ankara - December 2010
     Konu: Konut, TSMD Yayını, Sayfa 74-77,   Ankara - Aralık 2010


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