a tale of water - environmental awareness in lafarge dalsan

It is not only state institutions and NGOs that are making great efforts to combat environmental pollution, but also private companies are aware of its negative global effects. Lafarge Dalsan represents a fine case to illustrate this point. A well respected producer of plaster and plasterboard, Lafarge Dalsan implements an environmentally friendly approach in its manufacturing process, thus setting an example to many other companies.
In Turkey, it was Dalsan Alçı that initiated the first industrial production of this healthy and durable construction material, which has been in use in Anatolia since 9000 B.C., though on much smaller scales. The company established in 1932 was among the first entrepreneurs during the industrialization of the young Turkish Republic, and operated in Kayseri, utilizing the district bakery ovens before opening its own facilities. Dalsan Alçı moved to Ankara in 1955, and in 1998. Dalsan Yatırım A.Ş. and Lafarge Gypsum International S.A.S. entered into a joint venture. The year 2009 saw the opening of the Lafarge Dalsan Gebze facilities, the design of which was guided by environmental protection and protection of water resources...

    “A Tale Of Water / Environmental Awareness in Lafarge Dalsan”
    “Suyun Hikayesi / Lafarge Dalsanda Çevre Bilinci”
    Unicon Publications, Book, Paces 246-248, Ankara - February 2009
    Unicon Yayınları, Kitap,  Sayfa 246-248, Ankara - Şubat 2009


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