hunting architectural design education: an experimental approach - poster pape

The discipline and the practice of architecture has transformed under the influence of altering, progressing and diversified professional organizations, business areas, design, construction and information technologies, tools and methodologies that the way in which we comprehend, feel and contemplate architecture has radically changed. The technological developments dominating the architectural thought has pressured the architectural schools to question and to update their education in order to reach the curriculum and content component due to the requirements of the changing conditions. In this atmosphere, it is a significant fact to describe and internalize the changing design approaches, thought, principles and values of contemporary architecture, enhance its liability to be practiced pedagogically and methodologically within the studios, regarding the positive qualitative transformation of architectural profession, universal and national architecture medium and built environment. On the other hand, designers consider with an increasing interest the necessity of research and exploration of design objectives.
Consciously, in architecture schools during the last decade, within the context of updating the architectural design education, many and various experimental, alternative, elective, intensive studios are introduced. It is accredited to catch with the speed of the change. Consequently, this paper aims to communicate the pedagogical and methodological approaches, the process structure and the final products of an experimental architectural design studio…

A. Aksu, İ. Küçük, N. Çağlar
    “Hunting Architectural Design Education: An Experimental Approach - Poster Paper ”
“Mimari Tasarım Eğitiminde Arayışlar: Deneysel Bir Yaklaşım - Poster Bildiri”
     22. International Building Life Congress, Architecture and Change, Bursa-Turkey, Pages: 611-616, 26-27 March 2010
     22. Uluslararası Yapı ve Yaşam Kongresi, Mimarlık ve Değişim, Bursa-Türkiye, Sayfa: 275-280, 26-27 Mart 2010


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