the changing appearances of architecture

Since the last century, maintaining the same conventional approach in the design of industrial production (factory) buildings, with a true and simple expression, has led to a problem of architectural image stemming from the conflict of production and representation. Today, an alternative view of the separation of the art and business sides of architecture is to integrate rather than divide design content. To this end, both a core-form and an art-form should be molded in an equal and balanced way. Thus, a coherence of design content can be approached and the creation of an architectural image becomes a major consideration. The visual image of a building takes its place on the agenda of architecture as one of the fundamental components of architectural design, along with programmatic and constructional considerations. Within this context, this study scrutinizes the correlation between the image, form and structural system of a building during its architectural design process, with the particular case study being the Lafarge Dalsan Plaster and Plasterboard Systems Plant, located in Gebze, Istanbul, Turkey. The lucid image of the building which attracts attention with its formal qualities, especially its structural system, which enables the construction of a satiny surface coating, is elaborated....

Aksu A.,
    "The Changing Appearances of Architecture" / 
“Mimarlığın Değişen Görünümleri”
    mimar-ist / Quarterly Journal of Architectural Culture, Year:11, Issue :41, Page 104-111, Autumn 2011 
    mimar-ist / Üç Aylık Mimarlık Kültürü Dergisi, Yıl:11, Sayı 41, Sayfa 104-111, Güz 2011


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