stadiums: the objects of transformation in urban context through sports

The usage rights of the sports fields in urban areas belong to sports clubs extensively throughout the world. Although the resources of investment are covered from public budget, the authority of management is entirely in the monopoly of sports clubs. It is according to the author that the planning, designing and application of stadiums, when evaluated from urban context, should primarily ensure public welfare, public ownership and provide maximum usage for its citizens...

Aksu A.,
    “Stadiums: The Objects of Transformation in Urban Context Through Sports” /
“Stadyumlar: Kentsel Bağlamda Spor Eksenli Dönüşüm Öğeleri”
    Mimarlık-TMMOB Chamber of Architects, Issue 364, Page  65-70, March-April 2012
    Mimarlık-TMMOB Mimarlar Odası, Sayı: 364, Sayfa 65-70, Mart-Nisan 2012


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