discourses of architectural design education 1: manifest

0. This is an empirical study, theoretical like most empirical studies and completely experimental. We produced the manifest which we draw up here on the basis of this study. Manifest has 10 clauses listed below
1. Architectural Design Studio is the spinal column of architecture education
2. Architectural Design Studio is environment for experimentation of architectural design, not environment for carrying out a project.
3. Architectural Design Studio is environment of thinking, creating and producing on architectural design.
4. Architectural Design Studio, at the same time, is environment of researching and developing architectural design thinking.
5. Architectural Design Studio is assessed by its know-how, reflex and absorption qualities.
6. Each architectural design process rebuilds architectural design thinking.
7. Architectural Design Studio motivates the progressive thinking
8. The process of architectural design studio is experimental.
9. The designer gains qualification and distinction in the studio, rather than competence of architectural design.
10. In the studio, in design practice and experiments, any kind of thinking, designing and expressing media and tools are exploited.
In this context, we adopt that architectural design education should be made in multi-layered experimental studio environment. We wish this essay contributes to generate principles and strategies about constituting the theory of a universal architectural design education.
Çağlar N., Aksu A.,
    "Discourses of Architectural Design Education 1: Manifest"
   “Mimari Tasarım Eğitimi Söylemleri 1: Manifesto”
    mimar-ist / Quarterly Journal of Architectural Culture, Year:11, Issue :41, Page 61-66, Autumn 2011 
    mimar-ist / Üç Aylık Mimarlık Kültürü Dergisi, Yıl:11, Sayı 41, Sayfa 61-66, Güz 2011


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